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Not Your Average Tea

Zest’s premium tea blends have comparable caffeine levels to coffee, for an energizing kick, and amino acids shown to reduce the jitters and crash while boosting cognitive functions. The result is a steady and prolonged alertness.

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Focused Energy

The combination of the caffeine and L-Theanine (a rare amino acid) in Zest Tea has a synergistic effect that prolongs the energy levels and creates a more steady alertness. A side effect of the energy moderation is a reduction in the "jitters" and "crash" that typically accompanies caffeinated beverages.  

L-Theanine and Caffeine No Jitters No Crash

'We Tried It' -

"We felt 'in the zone' almost more clearheaded than we would normally be with coffee... It definitely hits you harder, but I didn't get jittery or anything"

Zest Tea Caffeine Levels

Zest Black Tea
Zest Black Tea Caffeine
155 mg/cup

We enhance Zest Teas with a natural tea extract, so our blends have comparable caffeine levels to coffee or about 3x the caffeine levels of traditional teas.

Our proprietary blending methods allow us to enhance the teas without adversely effecting the flavor of our premium base teas. Our blends are applauded as much for their premium flavors as they are for the enhanced energy levels!

Zest Green Tea
Zest Green Tea Caffeine
135 mg/cup
Coffee Caffeine Level
125 mg/cup
Traditional Black Tea
Black Tea Caffeine Level
50 mg/cup
Traditional Green Tea
Green Tea Caffeine Level
25 mg/cup
Billy Schrero Zest Testimonial

"Tastes great and good energy. Have literally stopped drinking coffee since getting my first batch of zest tea!!"

Billy Schrero

Daniel Rodic Zest Tea Testimonial

"Perks me up 10x better than coffee, amazing!" 

Daniel Rodic

Nick Loadholtes Zest Tea Testimonial

"I know the selling point of Zest Teas are the caffeine, but honestly the flavor is what keeps me coming back. I have never had such a flavorful tea that was not overpowering. This stuff is awesome."

Nick Loadholtes

Daniel Becker Zest Tea Testimonial

"I love coffee but from having my first cup of Zest Tea all I can say is WOW."

Daniel Becker

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